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Nutrition Consulting Zurich

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Nutrition Consulting Zurich

You are what you eat

A healthy and balanced diet forms the basis of our well-being

It not only improves our appearance, but also helps to strengthen our immune system and increases our physical and mental performance.

Unfortunately, the stressful everyday life and the flood of misinformation make many of us unable to eat properly.

Quite commonly this can lead to overweight or even obesity with possible secondary diseases such as diabetes, heart attack or depression.

In the function of a nutrition coach I will help you achieving your goals relating to nutrition and weight loss in the long term.

When creating the nutritional concept, I would be happy to respond to your individual wishes and preferences such as seasonal, local and sustainable products; increasing vegan food etc.

Your nutrition consultant Dr. Marc Steinegger

Dr. Marc Steinegger

About me

• PhD in Natural Sciences

• Licensed Nutrition Consultant, OTL

• Qualicert (Qualitop) certified Fitness Instructor

• Many years of experience in the areas of Nutrition, Sports and Fitness

• Owner of shapeX, a TRX Club within the  med. Rückencenter, Zurich

Nutrition Consulting Zurich


•   Weight loss

•   Nutrition in Sports