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Nutrition Consulting Zurich


•  Initial consultation (anamnesis)approx. 1 hCHF 129.-
•  Additional consultations45 minCHF 99.-
•  Additional consultations30 minCHF 69.-

Additional consultations are recommended weekly within the first month,
then 1-2 times per month.

Nutrition Consulting Zurich

Personal nutrition plan

Per day: 2-4 main meals; snacks; beverages

One full day:CHF 29.-
Three full days:CHF 59.-
Seven full days:CHF 99.-

Plans are highly recommended for persons with no diet-experience nor broader knowledge about nutrition.

Nutrition plans are personalized and adapted to reach the goal. They contain an exact description of type/quantity of the nutritions needed to reach the personal goal without neglecting essential ingredients.

Nutrition Consulting Zurich

Value package

Light version (for approx. 1-month-therapy):

CHF 349.- instead of CHF 395.-

•  Initial consultation
•  3 Additional consultations (3 x 30 min)
•  Nutrition plan for 3 full days

Full version (for approx. 3-month-therapy):

CHF 599.- instead of CHF 732.-

•  Initial consultation
•  6 Additional consultations (3 x 30 min; 3 x 45 min)
•  Nutrition plan for 7 full days

Missed appointments: Appointments that were canceled less than 24 hours in advance or not are fully billed to the patient.